Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Cottage Garden - The Sheltered Garden

Making the lawn level.

I have managed to find the perfect window for the back of my shed. I have had a very makeshift affair in there for the past year and then as I was walking through town the other day I glanced through an open garden gate. It was pretty enormous - the gate I mean - big pale blue double wooden doors - and there at the far end of the garden was my window frame. At last! I knocked on the door and we settled on a price. Win win I think. It is over 5' tall and nearly as wide, wooden, lots of panes all of a perfect proportion and it has a central post so that both windows will open. Yes! And even its catches are just right. So I only have to wait for the rain to stop and I can collect it and put it in. It will look fantastic and really 'make' the shed. I have started making little tutorials on my laptop - yes, I have only just discovered the record button!!! It will really make the studio look more like a room and less like an old shed. So this is what the shed looks like from the back - It can only get better.

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