Wednesday 6 March 2019

New Papier-Mâché Jewellery Website

Wednesday 6th March - We have been working very hard - my lovely daughter has been busy building a new website for my papier-mâché jewellery.
She has also been helping me to make the jewellery. It has been a wonderful time and I've hardly noticed the winter at all this year. Now the Spring is coming and new beginnings are on their way. We have great plans. She is heading back to London to work on a new film and work-wise the incredible connectivity of 
technology will enable us to continue to work together. 
The actual connectivity of the technology in the little wooden Summer House/Studio is a little iffy. Being on the very edge of the river can mean that it feels very much as if we are at sea in a storm on windy days. Also the wind blows the branches that can intermittently disrupt the internet. Though hey ho it's not really a problem. I like the fact that Mother Nature always has the last word. 
My son very generously moved all of my plants from my previous little courtyard garden to the river garden for which I am eternally grateful and now they are beginning to show new growth so soon the New Studio will be covered in Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Roses this summer.  The Agapanthus that we first found at Chelsea Flower Show and that spent three years on a roof garden in Camberwell has now found its natural home by the estuary. 

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