Tuesday 8 May 2012

Ideas to add to my garden.

When I was a child, we had lots of bird-boxes in the garden, attached to the apple, pear, cherry and oak trees. This new garden of mine is a little short on mature trees so I thought that this idea could be modified. I think that if I put it straight onto the fence, Fizz might be very tempted to simply walk along the top and wait for a snack. I try to keep him permanently full of food at this time of the year, when the eggs are hatching, so that he doesn't feel the need to catch his own breakfast. So far, so good. I am extending the fence by adding a length of wire netting for roses to scramble along so perhaps I could put the nest box there.

Of course this is styled for the photo but there are aspects I know that I would like, such as the whitewashed old wooden shed. Old shelves to store garden treasures dotted about here and there is such a good idea for my kind of gardening. 

Shed, well I need at least three!

I love the ram-shackled look!

Another old bookcase where things can be stored.

This is the way my little wildlife pond will look in the summer.

A little island of lawn amongst a sea of tall flowers.

How to make an old wooden fence beautiful.

A little area set aside for drying flowers and herbs, for potting and arranging.

A small pergola built across a path. Somewhere to sit and contemplate.

An area of interest again. I am wondering if it might be possible to just attach an old door to a wall and create the illusion of coming upon a secret garden. I could even build a wall with straw bales and coat it in cement and age it.

I am building a larger pond. This is good inspiration. I could paint new bricks with a cement/plaster mix to age them as it's really difficult to find old bricks and put a trellis up behind. I love herringbone brickwork. I have an area of my garden which slopes and needs terracing - this could be the answer for one of the terraces.

Papier-mâché - old and new.

 - Well, not papier-mâché, but so easily could be, although not for drinking saki from! No, the reason this image is here is really to lead you to one of my favourite sites. artpropelled at tumblr.com.

Source: rubylane.com via Hilary on Pinterest

Source: ikatbag.com via Hilary on Pinterest

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Source: flickr.com via Hilary on Pinterest

Sylvia Seventy

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