Saturday 23 February 2019


My own fascination with looking within and at details and fragments, seems to have naturally led to a  concentration on jewellery as a means of expression - a form that for the owner is then very personal and also portable, that invites and expresses perceptions and personality. 

I make little assemblages from found objects in various ways - more often as brooches as a more personal hobby but for my livelihood I paint - wherever I go and then I develop some images into work that I intend to cut up into my own fragments - to make into jewellery. 

Working this way, has always been a vehicle for imagination, a deeper look into other worlds, most importantly in regard to colour. It is about the relationships, the conversations if you like that occur as different colours, tones, shades, hues etc meet each other on the surface of the painting. There is music in the rhythms, they are the eternal rhythms of our lives. The older I become, the more interesting everything becomes and the more beautiful.

Above is a detail from a Monet painting - highlighted to I imagine somewhere between pigments and desire as they may have been.

I have not posted anything for the past year so now I'm attempting to catch up a bit.

This is the view from the top of Monte Solaro in Capri where high cliffs, wild flower, butterflies and bees meet the distant sea, clouds and sky.

This image also marked the start of a new collection of papier-mache jewellery that I am currently making with my daughter. We were thinking of stopping that range, however it is so very popular and has been for 30 years that we are going to continue with it. I love papier-mache - it has a wonderful history and I am delighted to be a part of it.

We are also developing a range of perspex jewellery - an original concept of ours and one about which we are very excited.

This is real life and all sorts of events insert themselves into our would be life so this is taking longer than we anticipated. We have researched and developed throughout the winter months and have solved all problems so far. We had thought that Easter 2019 would be the start date whereas now we are looking at the Summertime.

I have a new home and a new studio. Still in Topsham on the River Exe in South Devon U.K and still in amongst the Conservation Area where history is protected as I feel I am too. So I am happy to share little snippets of life on the river's edge.

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