Monday 4 April 2011

Notebook for paintings/jewellery/papiermache

 I used to have a specific website where I have recorded some ideas/inspiration/photographs and paintings whilst in Paris, Venice, Cote d'Azur and Capri and where I also kept a record - snapped on my i-phone/sketched/jotted down of various ideas etc that I find throughout my days whether traveling abroad or simply wandering, mooching, exploring, beach-combing, visiting galleries, museums or boatyards etc that may be translated into painting, jewellery, papier-mâché objets d'art, poetry, passages of writing in my novel. This microsoft officelive site changed it's way of working in 2012 and I was faced with the prospect of having to spend days reloading it all - I decided to start a new website instead at Art Web which as soon as I have planted out vegetables, dug new flower beds and worked out how exactly to keep roving hens in their new hen pen I will set about building and generally creating.
Chinese porcelain from ship wreck - with barnacles - gives me an idea for texture for a papier-mâché bowl series - gesso made with marble dust perhaps even old barnacles added to the mix
Magnolia Stellata - the colours of the background, the closed buds, the calyx and the opening leaves all offer inspiration for colour combinations and design for future paintings for jewellery

More ideas - so many variations of colours within the Ivy, Litchen and Sloe blossom
Idea for extending fence and adding height for the some of my rambling roses

Knots in plywood temporary fence reminiscent of ghosts dancing in moonlight/firelight - idea for painting/story

Just framework/pattern for colours - other colours even

Rusty and dented old corrugated aluminium shed wall

The shed door of the same building 
Just a blow up of a advertising board
Shed door - Einstein with drawing pins
Same shed door - seagull carrying a bomb
In opticians window - image very similar to some of my old  jewellery and a reminder to redevelop this for some new jewellery
Enough said

Structure and texture
Sword fish - in Nice market - beautiful iridescence. Reminder for paint finish in my jewellery and bowl details
Tarmac, paint and leaves
Nice - Old Town - walls - earth colours

Waves following line of cliffs.
Stone wall - idea for jewellery.

Wild Cranesbill trapped between two sheets of greenhouse glass at Hill House Nursery where condensation and dust have worked together to create a new art form.
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