Saturday 19 March 2016

paper mâché jewellery

I run workshops in private houses around the country and from my own home in Devon from time to time. I also have an active YouTube Channel with many short tutorials and I will shortly be uploading video workshops that will give almost the same experience as my Half Day, One Day and Weekend Workshops. They will cover all of my many different types of papier mâché jewellery techniques.
making jewellery with air dried papier mache, hardening, gilding, scorching

making jewellery with air dried papier mache, hardening, gilding, scorching
making jewellery - papier mache, hardening, gilding, scorching
I have been making and selling my jewellery for over twenty five years, during which time it has been found, sought and collected, much to my delight, by people from around the world. It has been for sale in Craft Selected Galleries, Independent Galleries small and large, Museums and Art Galleries, at Liberty and at my Spitalfields Market stall in London, in Europe and Japan and at the Guggenheim Museum shop in New York. 
making papier mache bowls - textured pulp, painting, gilding, distressing, waxing
papier mache bowls - creased finish - metallic powders and wax
making papier mache platters with paper layers, gilding and distressing

decorating bowls with printed papers - gilding
quickly drying papier mache bowls via microwave - flour and water

making papier mache collars - to be gilded. Also rims for platters + bowls

papier mache gilded and painted bowl

I make necklaces, rings, brooches, pendants and earrings rings that may incorporate papier-mâché beads that resemble baroque pearls, opals, ancient clay, bone, metal or semi-precious stones. I am fascinated by fragments of all kinds and often include pieces of discarded clay pipes stems that I find on the foreshore of the River Thames at lowtide. They sometimes taken on the blue/grey colours of the clay and river silt that has washed over them for hundreds of years and through countless ebbing and flowing of many tides. Also I may add fragments of pottery, glass, plastic and numerous little seaworn treasures that are cast up along the shoreline. I look in antique and flea markets to find beautiful old necklaces that can be broken down and incorporated with my own work. I make impressions from found and natural objects - magnolia seed heads for example - then I cast impressions in papier-mâché clay and or epoxy resin, that are twisted and folded, dried or hardened with wood glue or resin, gilded with gold or silver, distressed or painted. Necklaces, bangles, earrings and brooches, bowls and platters - embellished or incised, painted and gilded, the list goes on.

making necklaces using pressed and folded air dried paper pulp, hardened and gilded

making flexible moulds using natural and found objects

moulded impressions of tiny flowers
mould with pressed fine white papier mache pulp
papier mache impressions of sycamore seeds to be made into necklace
impressed and folded papier mache beads, hardened, painted, gilded, varnished
different ways of finishing papier mache beads - these resembling faience 
making papier mache beads with flour and water
making beads with Tyvek paper and iridescent tissue - heated and compressed
making papier mache beads, discs - hardened & gilded with matt gilders paste
making various papier mache beads, impressed, hardened and gilded with gold leaf
making various papier mache beads, hardening and gilding
looking for inspiration - collecting photos, sketches, objects
collecting inspiration - for example distressed plastic discs from a timber yard

collecting inspiration - driftwood

painting techniques - acrylic inks, gilding, overlays, mixed media

My working methods are to travel and draw, paint, make notes, take lots of photographs and bring back paintings and ideas to work on in my studio, some of which I later develop into paintings, often abstract, from images that hold the key colours and associated ideas of the different places. Then I research, paint, write and make a unique kind of papier-mâché jewellery from fragments of my paintings. They are coated in a clear, hard epoxy resin, gloss or matte varnish.

making papier mache jewellery that resembles enamel
painted and gilded papier mache and resin pendant

painted and gilded papier mache and resin earrings

I also experiment by using a combination of things in some pieces - papier-mâché, mixed media, resin, wax and found objects, acrylic ink, gouache, watercolour, pencil, oil pastel, gold, silver and copper leaf, metal foil and powders, pigments, tissue and tracing paper plus interesting commercially produced paper and found paper, Italian sweet wrappers, metro tickets, unusual packaging etc.

paper mâché jewellery 2016

I make paper mâché jewellery, although it looks more like enamel than paper mâché. It's lightweight and waterproof. My images and working methods are my own ideas and techniques that I have developed over the last 20+ years. I aim to bring the 18th century techniques of the masters of the art of English Papier Mâché into the 21st century using modern paints and resins.

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