Saturday 1 February 2014

January 2014 - before and after - but not what you would expect.

I have not been able to post these photographs until now and even now I find it very distressing. This is how the garden I made at Dartington over three years was undone after I was unexpectedly given notice to quit after having been told I could stay for years. I can't understand the way some people think. I made a beautiful garden and built a studio. I offered to leave the studio for the next tenant to use but it was refused and had to be taken down. I had a vision of the garden being flattened  by a young man wearing head phones hired by a contractor.  I was not wrong. Heart breaking.

Goodbye Dartington Hall - I hope to meet you again in more favourable days. I am so glad that my old friends, Ruth and Maurice Ash (the daughter and son in law of Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst - the founders of Dartington Hall as we used to know and love it) are no longer here to witness the way things are managed now-a-days.

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