Saturday 3 December 2011

May ~ Old Containers

May 2011 - I found these two interesting old metal containers at our local recycling centre plus half a pot of black vinyl paint so thought I might combine the two.  I've no idea at the moment where to put them or quite what to put in them but not to worry as my gardening methods seem to resemble a game of creative serendipity far more that rational planning!  The table also doubles up and has to adapt to whatever is required, this morning a workbench. Next year I will level this area and terrace it as much as necessary as it's on quite a slope from both top to bottom and from side to side. It is going to require a lot of soil but I think that I have the perfect place to get it all from as I'm going to put a small greenhouse in the vegetable garden and as that is also on a slope there will be loads - quite literally, wheelbarrow loads, coming out from the foundations of it. Then I will sow some nice fine grass seed to replace the self sown field grass that is here now and which is full of weeds and lumps and bumps!
March 2011 - The shed earlier in the year! I can see how it will eventually look when it's finished in my mind's eye so I can ignore how it looks right now.  It won't be long to bring a little beauty to it's doorstep. I have every confidence that the Spring will work it's magic and Summer will be wonderful!
July 2011 - You can barely see one of the old containers now - it's to the left of where the door will be and has roses planted in it, gaining a foothold for next summer when they will scramble over the porch. The other container has become the home to a packet of mixed Sweet-Pea seeds that are just coming into flower.
A few old terracotta flowerpots and Geranium cuttings. They seem to thrive here as it gets all the early morning sun. It's also my favourite place to take my early morning cup of tea and consider my day and what to do next. Each step of the development of this cottage garden brings new challenges.
A climbing rose and another rose that will just grow about three feet high together with a lavender pink Gypsophlia and a trailing something or other! Names later. I really must keep a record of what is planted where for times like this. I am thinking of making an arty display with the labels to hang in the shed later on. I keep finding labels all over the place!

March 2012 - I am slowly developing this part of the garden to make a scented path to the shed. The standard rose is Gertrude Jekyll with Lilies, Poppies, Irises and Lavender around her. The hen population is gradually increasing and it's interesting to watch the pecking order with each new arrival. The brown one, yet to be named, was reduced to chasing a Blackbird off her patch yesterday as her only way of establishing some authority!
I have been collecting flat stones, or relatively flat, for the crazy paving for the path to the studio/shed. All looking rather brown right now. So much work at the moment is driven by imagination.
April 2012 - Almost there now and need only a few more. The path will be on a gentle slope and somehow I will try to make the surface level. I will infill with sand and probably a concrete mix so I can wash them down when (after) the ladies go walking. There are five hens now but one is in quarantine after being attacked by an untrained dog. It will be a slow recovery as she has lost all her feathers on her back and tail but the skin is healing after being stitched back together.

Pinks, Peonies and Irises - with old shed and other memories and reminders.

The summer months here in Devon have been overcast and relatively uninspiring but we just carry on doing whatever it is we have to do!  In my case it is having to loose some of my momentum in the garden to concentrate on making jewellery.  I will put up some pieces here when I have worked out how to reproduce the colours more accurately - my iphone 4 will not do so, maybe there is an app for that!
I love this picture. Peonies, lavender, aqualegia, scabious, cosmos, irises etc. But most of all the shabby shed. I know that smell so well when on a hot summers day the scent of fading creosote perfumes the air, reminding me of gardens and times long since departed. 

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