Thursday 20 March 2014

March 2014 - part 2

photo by meldenius
An introduction to papier-mâché and print making workshops at Seal-Hayne South Devon.

I'm also developing more in depth workshops in 2015 that will be held in various locations in the town and the country and I'll be calling them Town and Country Workshops - naturally! They will be held in peoples homes - homes that will be able to host them will have either a large kitchen or workshop/studio with heating in the form of an Aga, Rayburn or similar for drying the work where necessary. They will also be held in Village Halls and small Hotels. They will be running as half day, one day and two day workshops. I shall be inviting other artist/crafts people to teach as well so that there will be a wide range of skills to choose from. The idea is to have a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting time and to meet like minded people in a homely environment. I used to run such workshops in the 1990's from my cottage in Herefordshire that I was renovating, as you may be able to imagine from the short film that the BBC commissioned of my work. 
I want to add some videos as a basic introduction to how I make my papier-mâché jewellery resemble enamel. As I say in the video, I've been developing the process for over 25 years so I've ironed out lots of problems that believe me, you will be able to benefit from. Also my approach seems to be quite unique and you will have great fun developing your own style and of course, I am always very happy to share my ideas, discoveries and the things that I find inspiring. It also saves you lots of time. For example, it can be so off putting when for example your pieces are plagued with hundreds of tiny and not so tiny bubbles etc. I've encountered all the problems imaginable and also found the solutions. These videos however are more by way of an introduction and I'll be doing longer, more in depth ones later on. I will also be running workshops from my studio at Seale-Hayne in Devon

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