Friday 20 September 2013


Well, I have been house sitting in an old barn conversation and looking after an lovely 18 year old arthritic cat for the past few weeks. Peace and quiet but virtually no bandwidth. Certainly not enough for uploading photos etc for my blog. Also helping my son with his house renovations - discovering original features and eradicating modern abominations in a traditional country cottage. Going to be lots of before and after pictures. I love before and after pictures. I have also been having a thorough health check after having cancer in 1999 and so far so good as all scans and tests have come back as negative - that for me is a big positive! So on with the show and the next 30 years. I will begin blogging again just as soon as I move on and I move into my new studio. Life is never dull. 
Meanwhile do take a look at Mélanie Bourlon's inspiring work with papier mâché in this video. 

As soon as I have a studio I will be working in 3D and have space for my easel. Many more video tutorials to come.
I have updated Etsy Shop and am adding new work as it is available. 
And meanwhile take a look at some clever work with film - 

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