Sunday 30 April 2017

January, February and March - April 2017

Where does all the time go? Spring is on her way and my resident Blackbird is singing as evening falls at the end of another very productive day.
But what happened in the dark days of Winter? For me a sort of semi-hibernation - at least lots of sleep, something I hardly ever do but it has been so beneficial. I kept thinking of all those bears tucked up for the duration. I think it does us a lot of good as we get older. I see it as giving time to the processes of renewal and rebuilding and to dreams, of course. Recently my dreams have been almost as good as seeing a great film, coherent and adventurous.
Workwise I have been adding a new venture - porcelain jewellery. I think I mentioned in another post that I discovered a wonderful group of people - mainly women, who love to pot. It just gets better as we get to know one another. I have been making two trays - slab built to hold my pieces in the kiln and hundreds of beads, earring, pendants, bracelets and brooches. These will be a limited edition as we say.
New Work
I have been working on a range of Silver jewellery with fragments of my paintings set under resin.
New Work
At the end of last summer I went down to the South of France with my daughter, to explore favourite haunts and to discover new ones. I took a lot of photographs and made quite a few paintings plus revised aspects of a story I am writing that is set along that coast. These are some pieces of jewellery that emerged from my time there. They really do echo the colours and movement of so many aspects of nature and culture.

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