Tuesday 3 July 2012

Strolling around Venice

Strolling around Venice, camera in hand, looking for memorable images and ideas. Images for paintings and textures/colours for jewellery. Ideas for stories and poems that seem to drift in the air until caught.

My original photograph of a simple brass doorbell set into crumbling white marble. Aged with 
Source: etsy.com via Hilary on Pinterest

verdigris and patina from years of use in the damp and misty atmosphere of Venice.

From this already very painterly image, I worked on various paint effects in my studio back home. I built up layers on flashes of silver leaf and foils with opaque white and mixed iridescent medium with cyan and marine blue which I stippled on with an old dry brush. Then I added tiny dots of copper leaf and foil plus dashes of 23.5 kt heavy gold leaf and sepia ink. This pendant is may still be available from at my Etsy shop. I painted a limited number so each one will be vary. The foils have a shine which set against the leaf, that is dull by comparison, creates an interesting play of differing qualities of light. I always try to make my paintings look as if they have a life of their own. As if they have an inner light that comes to life when it is worn as it catches the movement of the wearer.

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Cottage Garden series - 1 - the wall etc

This is a lovely way for me to show you what I have been doing over the last few months in between the rain! 
I have been re-building a very old stone wall that has been used to bury household rubbish for over 80 years and cutting back the very overgrown hawthorn hedge. Making new flower beds, thinking about the best way to lay a path and continuing to add bits to my studio.

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