Saturday 23 January 2021

Papier Mâché 'Pottery' - Learning Through Making - 1

My focus is on learning through making. My medium is papier-mache and resin in the main.

I am making a series of new video tutorials for YouTube and Patreon.

First of all I'm making a Flat Lay Board - I used to have a stack of old doors and driftwood that I would use to take photographs on and I want to include current methods too. Flat Lays are really popular because of i-phones and Instagram. And they look great for certain things. I have an i-phone and an Instagram account so here goes. 

I'm working on the back of a small Ikea trestle table top that I sometimes use in my studio and thought it would double up as a good surface for displaying work on if I painted it first. 

My thoughts are to make a series of vessels using different methods in papier-mache. I'd also like to make moulds and forms for vessels from scratch or from found objects.

I'm always attracted to colour, texture and light and was never particularly drawn to earthy colours that were so prevalent in the 20th century British pottery movement. I do like their forms and lifestyle. 

I'll start to collect and list all my references as that may be of interest to some.  

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