Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pinks, Peonies and Irises - with old shed and other memories and reminders.

The summer months here in Devon have been overcast and relatively uninspiring but we just carry on doing whatever it is we have to do!  In my case it is having to loose some of my momentum in the garden to concentrate on making jewellery.  I will put up some pieces here when I have worked out how to reproduce the colours more accurately - my iphone 4 will not do so, maybe there is an app for that!
I love this picture. Peonies, lavender, aqualegia, scabious, cosmos, irises etc. But most of all the shabby shed. I know that smell so well when on a hot summers day the scent of fading creosote perfumes the air, reminding me of gardens and times long since departed. 

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