Saturday, 1 February 2014

January 2014 - before and after - but not what you would expect.

I have not been able to post these photographs until now and even now I find it very distressing. This is how the garden I made at Dartington over three years was undone after I was unexpectedly given notice to quit after having been told I could stay for years. I can't understand the way some people think. I made a beautiful garden and built a studio. I offered to leave the studio for the next tenant to use but it was refused and had to be taken down. I had a vision of the garden being flattened  by a young man wearing head phones hired by a contractor.  I was not wrong. Heart breaking.

Goodbye Dartington Hall - I hope to meet you again in more favourable days. I am so glad that my old friends, Ruth and Maurice Ash (the daughter and son in law of Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst - the founders of Dartington Hall as we used to know and love it) are no longer here to witness the way things are managed now-a-days.

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Atelier Kijken met Andere Ogen said...

Dear Hilary,
what a nightmare where you get things going.
I have experienced the past year followed everything you let flourish. A ruin there in England made a good place to live and work intensely to (be)lieve.
In addition, all this beauty to share with the world. It's like the beautiful and good artists we show to the world, so the beauty, there are other forces to stand up to this and to destroy. But HOLD on girl, I wish you to be able to process all this. Create pretty things .....SHARE IT with the world ... ... and continue to believe in the good. God bles you
Love Syta Thomas

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