Sunday 19 February 2023

Making Paper Mache Board - it can be used for many projects.

I am making a form of paper mache board from recycled papers - in this case to use it for making paper mache trays and bowls and as bases for moulds for making more bowls of the same size. It can be used to form the bowls and various objects - it can be used for many things - I use it to make jewellery, cut out silhouettes for decorating and whatever comes to mind. This board is a relatively flexible version for bending onto shape. I am working on a grass Beach Mat on an Ikea table top that I originally painted to make a Backdrop for videos and photography - there is a video showing how I made that too. I placed a plastic sheet on the table and under the beach mat. It works perfectly. It can be made over a few days or in one go with the aid of an iron. During the 18th Century Paper Mache Board was made commercially and used to make large strong 'canvases' to paint on. Also trays, furniture, clocks etc. The history of Papier-Mache is fascinating. A pocket watch that kept perfect time, a church that stood for decades where people worshipped, a yacht that sailed on the lake of a wealthy eccentric and a complete village including a school that was shipped to Australia from England. So this is easy stuff. Materials; Table. Plastic Sheet. Grass Beach Mat. Tissue Paper. Brown Paper Bags, packing paper, carrier bags etc. Brush - wide. Water. PVA Glue. Or Flour and Water Glue. Iron.
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