Sunday 8 January 2023

How to Make Papier-Mâché 'Flowers' - Drying in a Microwave Oven

How to make papier-mâché 'flowers' by drying them out for 20 seconds at a time in a microwave oven. This method really speeds up the process. Do work out for yourself exactly how long the paper mache actually needs to dry out. Start with 5 seconds and see how your microwave and your paper mache responds. My suggestion of 20 seconds is only meant to be a guide. These components can be made into jewellery and as additions to bowls etc. Plenty of room for experimentation.

0.00 Intro 0.15 Porzella papier-mache clay by Rayher - other ingredients 3.50 In to the microwave for about 20 seconds or less - try less first to gauge your microwave 4.35 Out of the microwave 5.20 Using the pyrography tool to scorch marks on to the surface of the 'flowers' 6.40 Applying Acrylic Gold Size 7.30 Applying Gold Leaf or Artificial Gold - Silver or Copper Leaf 8.00 The central disc or flower whorl 8.30 Adding epoxy resin - describing how to briefly

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