Wednesday, 22 August 2012

August in the Kitchen Garden

I have spent very little time spent in the garden as this summer has been a complete washout. The poor old hens found that their new hen pen became a muddy quagmire so as work in the vegetable garden was forced to come to a halt due to endless torrential rain, I decided to let them enjoy their freedom.
The vegetable garden became their domain. The weeds grew even higher to become a jungle paradise for them to take shelter beneath. The strawberries were eaten at birth by hoards of voracious slugs and snails which were promptly polished of by the hens. The potatoes needless to say got blight. The courgettes decided to give this year a miss altogether. The blackbirds enjoyed the raspberries. Nevermind.

At least the vegetable garden will be slug and snail free next year. I can't bring myself to kill anything, even a slug but letting the hens be hens will ensure their demise in a natural way. I hope.

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