Wednesday, 22 August 2012

August in the Flower Garden

This summer - so far at least has been the rainiest one I can recall. I have left the weeds to grow so that insects and bees have as much pollen as possible. That's my excuse anyway. It's been too wet to do very much at all. I have managed to start to make a few more flower beds, the idea being that there will be meandering little paths and steps here and there. Bella has decided that there is something very interesting under the shed and has been digging holes trying to make an entry. Yesterday she finally succeeded and had to be dug out!
The lillies have been incredible this year, especially in the evenings. Even in the rain their fragrance has drifted across the garden and welcomed visitors as they come in through the garden gate. Next year will bring more twists and turns and even more flowers to delight as I manage to widen existing beds and make new ones. A greenhouse is still on the agenda!

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