Sunday, 22 March 2015


The Queenhithe MosaicDown by one of my favourite haunts on the foreshore of the River Thames can now be found a most wonderful mosaic charting over 2000 years of Thames life. Designed by Tessa Hunkin and made by Southbank Mosaics - I have captured it's details, alhithebeit on my i-phone. More than one million tiles cut and layered onto the 30 meter long mosaic, bordered with mudlarked pottery shards, clay pipe stems, shells and fragments of our shared social history, developed by up to 300 volunteers bringing the history of over 2000 years of Thames life to life.

Gathering and Collecting

The Plan
The Work

January 2015
Short days and long nights hunting by moonlight.
Modroc - scrim and Plaster of Paris form for displaying necklaces.
Fizz settling into his new home.
Dartmoor horizons.
Painterly via photoshop tweaking.
February 2015
Boxes from Shepherds - perfect packaging for necklaces.

iphone photos - a little blurry - of tiles - birds from the fireplace surround at Birdwood House Gallery in Totnes - every week a new exhibition of work.
Very large and exuberant paper snowdrops by Heidrun Guest from PaperWorks - a wonderful emporium run by David & Heidrun Guest that is one of if not the most interesting paper shop in the U.K 
Down to the allotment today - the mown grass marks my boundary. The stacked wood is to be used for posts and possibly a shed but most definitely a shelter for Bella who relaxes and watches me work or sunbathes and dreams.
The Lasagna method is working beautifully - all the layers have transformed into an enriched mulch and many of the larger thistles and dandelions appear to have disappeared. Now to plant the roses that have been pot bound since leaving Dartington.
Adding compost from the compost bin.

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